Jerez Airport Sees 9% Dip in Q4 2023 Passengers, Lagging Pre-Pandemic Numbers

Jerez Airport’s passenger traffic is still below pre-pandemic levels with a 9.46% drop in Q4 2023. It had a significant improvement in passenger volume in Q4 2023 compared to the pandemic years. However, the airport still handled fewer passengers than before the pandemic in Q4 2019. The airport had 183,184 passengers in Q4 2023, compared to 211,873 passengers in the same quarter four years ago.

Sustained Passenger Growth at Jerez Airport - Q4 2023

While Jerez Airport saw a commendable increase in passenger volume during Q4 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 (14.42%), it's important to note that this figure still represents a decrease of 9.46% compared to Q4 2019, the pre-pandemic period. This highlights that while the airport is experiencing positive growth, it hasn't yet fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels in the final quarter of the year.

Jerez Airport Passenger Volume - Q4 2019 to Q4 2023

Looking beyond Q4, we see a mixed picture. While Q4 2023 didn't surpass pre-pandemic levels, it marked the strongest performance since then, exceeding Q4 2019 by 14.42%. However, other quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3) in 2023 haven't reached pre-pandemic figures, suggesting seasonality might play a role. This indicates that while Q4 benefits from peak tourist season, sustained recovery across all quarters remains an ongoing effort.

Passenger Traffic at Jerez Airport – 2019 to 2022

2022 was a year of significant rebound for Jerez Airport, with passenger numbers skyrocketing compared to 2021. This remarkable growth stands in stark contrast to the 80.70% decline experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic. While 2022 passenger numbers still fell short of the all-time high recorded in 2019 (-18.94%), the substantial growth suggests a strong recovery trajectory. Potential explanations for this increase include relaxed travel restrictions, pent-up demand, and strategic initiatives to attract visitors. 

Flight Statistics at Jerez Airport - December 2023

Jerez Airport caters to a diverse range of travelers, offering both domestic and international connections. In September 2023, Spain unsurprisingly remained the top source of travelers, followed by Germany, Greece, Morocco, and the Netherlands. 

This highlights the airport's appeal within the European market, particularly for leisure travel. Among international destinations, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Luton, Athens, and Marrakech emerged as the most popular choices, indicating a mix of leisure and potentially business travel. 

Domestic travelers primarily favored major cities like Madrid and Barcelona, alongside island getaways like Palma Mallorca, Las Palmas, and Tenerife, showcasing the airport's role in connecting Andalusia to key Spanish destinations. Airlines like Iberia Regional, Vueling, Iberia, Binter Canarias, and Ryanair consistently served these routes, providing passengers with a variety of travel options and competitive fares. 

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Jerez Airport Passenger Traffic Rebounds by 13.94% in Q3 2023 versus Q3 2020 and 2023 Figures - Pre-Pandemic Numbers Still A Challenge

Jerez Airport Passenger Traffic Rebounds by 13.94% in Q3 2023 versus Q3 2020 and 2023 Figures - Pre-Pandemic Numbers Still A Challenge

Q2 Passenger Numbers Up 4% Year on Year at Jerez Airport

Passenger numbers at Jerez Airport in the second quarter demonstrated a 4% year-on-year increase, showcasing a positive growth trend. There was a staggering surge of approximately 553% in passenger volume compared to last year's period.

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